Blog .2 ( Journey Towards Success)

I may not know you in person, but I know you in Spirit. I understand the pain that you go through day after day. The type of pain that weakens both your body and mind.

I understand the often trips to the Doctor, the stress over the weight gain, the pain to walk up two flights of stairs, the lack of zeal to walk two blocks down the street.

I understand the unhappy feelings just to get up from the couch….

But I also understand that if you would implement this knowledge that you would be getting, to the best of your ability, you will be successful on your journey towards success…..Let us look at success as the destination, and look at your journey as the act that has to be done to get to that success. Then look at yourself as the transportation that will be used to fulfill that journey to get to that destination. Just remember that success didn’t happen to you but rather success was happened because of you. My encouragement to you is, to approach success with the right attitude. Once you do that, you will see results. The only thing that can make you unsuccessful is, lack of motivation, perseverance and determination.

You are the only one that feel this emotional pain that you are having. Whether it is from to much weight, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, bone weakness, muscle weakness, etc…. Walking exercise can be your medication……Later on, we will elaborate some more on these conditions.

During the pandemic lock down in New York City, I learned a lot. I will always remember the mental awareness that I had during this time. Seeing all these people dying around me and didn’t know what was happening. Finally one day the news said 95% of the people that is dying are the venerable ones. That’s when everything changes. I said to myself that I will help the world in any way that I can or die trying. I know that I can help someone to start their walking journey today.

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